• How long is the Dubai Gran Fondo

    127 km

  • Where is the Dubai Gran Fondo?

    It will start and finish at the Al Qudra Dubai Cycling Park

  • What time is the start?

    6 a.m.

  • Where is the Start and Finish?

    The Al Qudra Dubai Cycling Park

  • How do I make payment for my entry?

    All entries are done via Premier Online follow the link on the Register page

  • Will I get an email notification to say that I have entered?

    Once payment is done, you will get an email notification informing you that you have been entered into the event from Premier Online

  • Where do I get my race number?

    You may pick up your race number at the Revolution Cycles, Dubai Motor City on Wednesday 18 March – Thursday 19 March 2015 12:00 – 19:00 hours. www.rcdxb.com
    Friday 20 March – 04:30 – 05:15 at the Dubai Gran Fondo Race Village.

  • Where do I get my race number if I live out of town?

    A courier service will be possible for a quoted amount

  • Do I need to qualify in order to ride?

    No, but this event is for the competitive , fit amateurs and there will be strict cut off timing points The UWCT is actually meant for a combination of competitive riders and fun riders. There will be cut off times of 15 or 30 min behind the first group. After the cut off, riders can still keep on riding and will be ranked when they finish the race. They only won’t be protected from the race anymore, so have to respect traffic regulations.

  • How will my race time be recorded?

    All riders must be in possession of a Classic ChampionChip, timing chip in order to have your time recorded. You can purchase a discounted timing chip during your online registration. NO CHIP, NO RESULT.

  • Will I start at the back of the groups?

    It will be a mass start as per all UCI World Cycling Tour Qualifying series events. Women will start in one box in front, followed by men per (combined) age group(s) from young to old.

  • What kind of bicycle will I need?

    No Time trial or Areo bars are permitted ,As per UWCT regulations, tandems and recumbents are not allowed.

  • How and when should I start training?

    This is a serious Amateur event and a qualifying event for the World Amateur Championships in Denmark in September. There will be strict cut off points.

  • Where can I go to get help with the setup of my bike and equipment?

    Contact your local bike shop for assistance in setting your bike up. If your bike is not set up correctly, you may experience long term discomfort, and even injury, so it is crucial that you are correctly positioned on your bike. All good bike shops will be able to assist in getting your set up correct. The official Bike Shop is Revolution Cycles www.rcdxb.com.

  • Will there be water points along the route?

    Yes, there will be water points on the route

  • Are there paramedics or health and safety officers on site?

    Yes. Medical support will be at various points along the route, as well as at the start and finish areas. There will be medical support following the route. For emergency medical support DIAL 998.

  • What is the minimum age?

    The minimum age is 19 and riders have to become 19 in 2015, so any rider born in 1996 or earlier can take the start

  • Who can enter?

    Everyone is eligible from the age of 19 to 65 +. A UCI licence is not required for this series event but will be if your qualify for the World Championships 3-6 September ,2015 Denmark .For any Nationality that requires a visa, they are responsible for obtaining their own visa .The organisers are not responsible for the approval /submission of any visas for an person

  • Do I need a UCI licence?

    Riders can start without a license as this is a qualifier event for the World Championships. Once they are qualified and intend to participate in the World Championships, a national license (elite, amateur, masters, cycling for all…) of the cycling federation where they live is required. An international license is not necessary

  • What are the rules and regulations for this event?

    This is a UCI world Cycling tour and hence is subject to the rules as laid down by the UCI . please refer to their web site for details www.uciworldcyclingtour.com

  • Is there an official travel agency that can assist?

    dnata travel is the official travel agency that can assist in all matters. www.dnatatravel.com

  • For queries related to online registration or timing chips?